Give Me Spots on My Apples [Cinnamon Apple Sauce]

But leave me the birds and the bees.applesLiving in a place with four seasons is wonderful. Mother Nature gives us reasons to celebrate every change, every coloured leaf, every crisp morning, every apple picked from the tree. This might be the first year that we’ve been able to pick significant amounts of ripe apples from our trees without them all being half eaten by the suburban wildlife. Cause for celebration indeed.applesauce1

First fall colours last weekend in the Laurentians (yay, fieldcamp!).
First fall colours last weekend in the Laurentians (yay, fieldcamp!).
Although our backyard apples are juicy and have just the right amount of crunch, they are decorated with many spots and little holes that might make biting right into them a little tricky. So I decided to hide their imperfections in a perfect apple sauce.applepickingA quick digression about science! In case you were wondering, the Stand Up for Science rallies I mentioned last week went really well – hopefully we will see some positive effects, although with this government I am skeptical. On the bright side, the New York Times wrote an editorial about the issue! Also if you’re interested, here is an interview from CBC radio with two of the speakers at the rally in Ottawa and the Canadian minister of science. It is really worth a listen, but I have to warn you; listening to the minister try to avoid answering questions is incredibly cringe-worthy. That in itself is pretty telling of the situation of science in this country. Sigh.
Looking down at fieldcamp.
Looking down at fieldcamp.
applesauceSo, back to the apples and that sauce. You’ll just need your fruit, a little water, some heat. Add an enthusiastic dash of cinnamon, a splash of vanilla, and a pinch of salt. I followed these directions, but only used ½ cup of sugar (the apples are sweet as is). Not rocket science, but lovely.applesauce2beaupommesspoonfulAutumn has me falling head over heels every year, and having a mini orchard in the backyard has just added to my love. What has you falling for the season? xo


  1. I’ve been making a lot of applesauce lately, for the baby boy… although I always eat my fair share of it too. I’ve just been using apples, water & cinnamon, but next time I’m going to try adding vanilla as well, because that sounds delicious!
    ps: I have the same wooly socks as you (if those are your feet)

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