Autumn Aglow [Pumpkin Coconut Macaroons]

mapleonthetableAutumn fades rather quickly. The trees go from leafy green to nude in the blink of an eye if you don’t stop to pay attention. SONY DSCphoto (9) It’s a transition that I love; the colours, that brief but perfect time we call sweater weather, the seasonal treats. One of the loveliest sights for me is the sugar maple in our backyard. When the leaves become bright orange and the sun is out, our house is flooded with warm light. For a couple hours a day, a couple weeks a year, autumn is aglow.SONY DSCThe oranges and reds have since fallen to the ground, and snow is on the way, but these macaroons are sure to continue brightening the season.bruce pitSONY DSC

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Give Me Spots on My Apples [Cinnamon Apple Sauce]

But leave me the birds and the bees.applesLiving in a place with four seasons is wonderful. Mother Nature gives us reasons to celebrate every change, every coloured leaf, every crisp morning, every apple picked from the tree. This might be the first year that we’ve been able to pick significant amounts of ripe apples from our trees without them all being half eaten by the suburban wildlife. Cause for celebration indeed.applesauce1

First fall colours last weekend in the Laurentians (yay, fieldcamp!).

First fall colours last weekend in the Laurentians (yay, fieldcamp!).

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