Lick the Spoon [Nutella Latte]

cloudsinmycoffeeThere was a tragic accident in Ottawa on Wednesday, and it’s been heart breaking to see my hometown shaken with such sadness. My heart is heavy for all those affected and grieving.
We remind ourselves to “live life to the fullest” often, but I guess unfortunately a shocking tragedy does a much better job at putting things in perspective — cherish the ones you love, and be grateful for the little things in life. I was going to rave about this Nutella latte, but that seems silly at the moment. berrylatteI’ll just say that the first time I ever heard of, or tasted, a latte like this was at one of my favourite places in Toronto, Snakes and Lattes. And my “recipe” is simply to stir a spoonful of the chocolate hazelnut spread into your espresso before topping it with frothed milk. Then lick the spoon. It’s a simple pleasure, but wrapping my hands around a warm mug is always comforting.

So this weekend, be grateful, give your loves an extra big hug and take comfort in the little things. xo K


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