Jazz and Tapas

The Bytowne Theatre lights up a cold night.

After hearing so much about the darling film of Cannes, The Artist, I finally saw it last week…twice. I enjoyed it so much that after seeing it with a couple of girlfriends I got my parents and grandmother out to the theatre as well. I may or may not have tap danced out the theatre (I totally did).What can I say, it’s a crowd pleaser!

The charming leads in the silent film "The Artist".

My parents took me out for post-movie drinks and a bite to eat (I love my parents!). So on that cold, snowy night we warmed up with some tapas at “Trio” a tiny, but great, place in Westboro. The food was inventive and delicious and there was good music to boot.

Chili Lime Toasted Peanuts at Trio

I think whether or not something is a tapas depends more on the setting than the actual food — to be honest I’m not totally sure how to differentiate tapas from appetizers from hors d’oeuvres…but I’m pretty sure it’s more about how and when you are eating than what you’re eating. Any experts?

So for lunch yesterday I rummaged through my fridge and made myself some little tapas-style snacks. …pretty much the perfect quick, lazy meal…instant gratification!

Smoked salmon mousse with capers on cucumber rounds
Rosemary onion crackers topped with vegetarian chilli, melted cheese and avocado

The stuff we had at Trio (crisp baguettes topped with mushroom tapenade and truffle; pear, melted brie, walnut-pesto & garlic confit; apricot hummus; lamb meatballs with mint yogurt…YUM) was certainly more adventurous and sophisticated than my little finger-food lunch — next time you’re nearby, go warm up inside!

Trio on Urbanspoon.
The chilli was from Stone Soup Foodworks, they are awesome.
The smoked salmon mousse recipe is on here, too!

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