in the speakeasy

SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCI just came back from class.

Full disclosure: my boyfriend organizes/teaches these beer classes, so I may be wearing rose-tinted glasses (or just beer goggles?). But I have to say objectively (or at least, I’m aiming to!), that these are pretty wicked sessions for anyone who wants to learn more about beer, enjoys drinking neat stuff, or just wants to do something cool on a Tuesday night.

But, I actually sat down at my laptop to write about an entirely different occasion in the speakeasy – Sunday’s Supper Club. Started by Union 613’s Jamie Martyniuk, the Supper Club brings different chefs into Union 613’s speakeasy once a month for a unique dining experience. The second supper club took place this past Sunday, and featured Chefs Marc Lepine from Atelier and Briana Kim from Café My House. It was a real treat. A 24 course menu that was a little weird, a little whimsical, and totally delicious; it was certainly a memorable meal.union 613 (2) Continue reading

To Faith And Fish: Salmon Fishing In The Yemen

I can’t think of another movie that so seamlessly connects fishing, politics, humour, romance and a little bit of environmentalism for good measure. Not to mention fabulous acting, sharp dialogue and a wonderfully quirky story…I was hooked on this lovely British film as soon as it started. A seemingly outrageous vision of a wealthy sheikh (Amr Waked) to bring the sport of fly-fishing to the Yemeni desert starts a project that brings together some unlikely people.  Ewan McGregor stars as Dr. Jones, the fisheries expert who is roped into the project by consultant Harriet (Emily Blunt) when the Prime Minister’s overzealous press secretary (the hilariously wry Kristin Scott Thomas) latches onto the project as a “feel good” story about Anglo-Arab relations.  Though there are a few dark moments in the film that seem somewhat underdeveloped, ultimately this is an optimistic movie that will leave you smiling  — and maybe even believing in the power of faith and fish.

We didn’t have salmon for our post-movie dinner, but the authentic Ethiopian cuisine at The Horn of Africa did not disappoint.  The place was hopping on a Saturday night and it was a fun place for a relaxed, inexpensive dinner.  Definitely worth trying if you’re in the mood for something a little different in downtown Ottawa.

Jazz and Tapas

The Bytowne Theatre lights up a cold night.

After hearing so much about the darling film of Cannes, The Artist, I finally saw it last week…twice. I enjoyed it so much that after seeing it with a couple of girlfriends I got my parents and grandmother out to the theatre as well. I may or may not have tap danced out the theatre (I totally did).What can I say, it’s a crowd pleaser!

The charming leads in the silent film "The Artist".

My parents took me out for post-movie drinks and a bite to eat (I love my parents!). So on that cold, snowy night we warmed up with some tapas at “Trio” a tiny, but great, place in Westboro. The food was inventive and delicious and there was good music to boot.

Chili Lime Toasted Peanuts at Trio

Make your own tapas!

Truckin’ Locavore

I’m always kind of surprised at how fast the semester starts back up again. My best efforts to be “SUPER ORGANIZED” seem to fall by the wayside embarrassingly fast. With classes at 8:30am, labs at night and extra-curriculars on the side, there seems to be a lot of stuff to do before having fun in the kitchen. Bummer!

Veggie chili from Stone Soup Foodworks..delish!

Despite my disorganization, I really don’t like to buy food when I’m at school. Most of it is overpriced and under-delicious. But there are exceptions to every rule! Stone Soup Foodworks is AWESOME. They do “Slow Food. Fast.” and operate from a bright green truck (currently on campus at the University of Ottawa).  Their food is affordable, but I love it because it is just plain good all around.  They use ingredients from local and sustainable sources, the food is fresh and delicious, and they offer plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. Everything I’ve tried (vegan cookies, sweet potato coconut soup, borscht, chilli, beef tacos, sandwiches, the list goes on and on) has been fantastic.

So happy to receive my Stone Soup bowl on Christmas morning!

If you work, live or hangout anywhere near the University of Ottawa campus you should definitely try your next lunch here. It’s the healthiest, yummiest and best priced food around! Stone Soup is supposed to be at Winterlude on weekends this February, too, so if you visit Ottawa during the festival make sure you’re on the lookout for a happy green truck!

Check them out!
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