Jazz and Tapas

The Bytowne Theatre lights up a cold night.

After hearing so much about the darling film of Cannes, The Artist, I finally saw it last week…twice. I enjoyed it so much that after seeing it with a couple of girlfriends I got my parents and grandmother out to the theatre as well. I may or may not have tap danced out the theatre (I totally did).What can I say, it’s a crowd pleaser!

The charming leads in the silent film "The Artist".

My parents took me out for post-movie drinks and a bite to eat (I love my parents!). So on that cold, snowy night we warmed up with some tapas at “Trio” a tiny, but great, place in Westboro. The food was inventive and delicious and there was good music to boot.

Chili Lime Toasted Peanuts at Trio

Make your own tapas!