“Gin-stagrams” [G&T sorbet]

Spotty lens, Seattle scene
Spotty lens, Seattle scene
So one day, I’m strolling through a surprisingly balmy Seattle park, and the next I’m running back inside for an extra layer as I rush off to my first day of school. One day I’m sipping on cool, boozy sorbet, and the next I’m craving the cozy familiarity of a pumpkin spice latte. Excuse my Ottawa Valley girl talk, but like, woah. …Where was the transition between seasons? Not that I’m relegating G&T slushies/sorbet to the summer months, but for now they will probably be saved for rare, special homework-free weekend celebrations. G&T It feels like I’ve been (happily) on the go since I returned from Spain, and I was tiring myself out (happily) traveling before that. So I really cannot complain, but as I start getting lost in readings, labs, and field work things might start slowing down and you might see a little less of me around here as I try to focus on that school work. However before I go, I’m excited to tell you guys that I’m the “official instagrammer” for Ottawa Tourism this weekend! You can follow along on my staycation adventures in the capital at @kshap17 and @ottawatourism. Are there any Ottawa moments you think I should share with the social media world??G&T slushieAnd lastly, of course, this awesome gin & tonic sorbet. A fool proof recipe that can be found over at The Boys Club. If you’re a fan of the classic cocktail, then this is for you. Enjoy the taste of summer a little longer. Cheers, and happy weekends. xo
(This one is dedicated to my girl, Dylan– happy belated birthday!)20130905-221529.jpg

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