Prague: Bohemian Rhapcity

20130625-004801.jpg20130625-003106.jpg20130625-003328.jpgAfter being fully weirded out by a fellow train passenger who “liked” my feet, I was very happy to wake up in the Czech capital…
20130625-003457.jpgI paid way too much for a cab from the station (not a savvy traveller move), and met up with a friend from home to explore Prague despite the stifling heat. It was the first day this month where I felt like it was too hot to be a tourist– the air conditioned mall almost seemed more appealing than the beautiful city for a scary moment. Luckily we found the energy to tour the old town and climb up the hill to Letna park to reward ourselves with a beautiful view and a couple of cold ones in the beer garden.20130625-003849.jpg20130625-003902.jpgA thunderstorm that night seemed to break the heat a bit for the rest of our trip and we were able to be more active tourists. To avoid the throngs of people that usually clog the beautiful Charles Bridge, we dragged ourselves out of bed early one morning (7am!) to beat the crowds. It was well worth it; quiet, majestic, and all to ourselves.
20130625-004201.jpgPrague is just beautiful, with impressive architecture seemingly on every corner. We paid for a pub crawl, an orchestra performance and a climb up the old town hall tower, but there is a whole lot to see for free: walking up Petrin Hill to the mini Eiffel Tower, exploring the huge castle district, the old Jewish quarter, a little show from the old astrological clock, a giant metronome, John Lennon’s wall, cheap beer– it wasn’t hard to fill our days.
20130625-004537.jpgI even found a Recreativo de Huelva Russian doll set at Czech souvenir store…it’s a small world!20130625-004706.jpg

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