Postcards from Italy

20130627-132936.jpg20130627-132958.jpgCan you do Northern Italy in four days?20130627-133036.jpgNope! But you can definitely enjoy trying…20130627-133139.jpg20130627-133214.jpgFor my last days in Europe (!!where does the time go??) we flew from Prague to Milan, rented a car, and set off to see what we could.20130627-133336.jpgI spent much of our first Italian afternoon, in Milan, with gelato around my mouth…but I’m ok with that! We even saw a photoshoot going on in front of the Duomo; three Asian tourists were asked to stand around a scowling blonde model in furs and pretend to be taking pictures of her with their smart phones. Pretty entertaining.20130627-133510.jpg20130627-133544.jpgLucky for me my dashing travel buddy was looking forward to dashing along the Italian roads, so the next day we headed off to Florence. That night we joined the crowds by the Ponte Vecchio to watch the fireworks for San Giovanni celebrations (that’s St. Jean Baptiste for any Canadians reading!).20130627-133754.jpg20130627-133814.jpgWe spent a gloriously sunny day hiking and training between the towns in Cinque Terre. Picture perfect views, delicious seafood, a dip in the sea, and local wines…magnifico.20130627-133922.jpg20130627-133943.jpg20130627-133955.jpgIn an impressively packed and touristy last day, we woke up early to go see Michelangelo’s breathtaking David at La Academia in Florence (he is indeed beautiful), made it to Venice for the afternoon and a lovely gondola ride, then back to Milan for one last deliciously decadent pasta dinner. 20130627-134137.jpg20130627-134200.jpg20130627-134225.jpgIt was a fast four days, but it was just enough to give me a taste and I’d already love to plan my return (suggestions??). Ciao Italia, grazie mille!


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