não falo português

imageimageimageWe were perhaps overly optimistic about picking up Portuguese as we explored the country. Not that it has hindered our travels in any real way — we tried to order espresso tonight and received port instead– but we’re working on it. We’ve been impressed by how many Portuguese polyglots we’ve encountered, and most people don’t seem to mind our silly Spanish/French pronunciation as we practice. From Madeira to the Douro we’ve felt very welcome.imageimage
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Diez días

20140416-143930.jpg 20140416-144831.jpg20140416-144838.jpgFrom Madrid, then south to Andalucía, and back up to Barcelona, it has been a sunny and wonderful whirlwind in España. After a bit of an unfortunate start to the trip, my ten days in Spain were like a dream.

It almost seemed surreal to be traveling through cities that became familiar during my time in Spain last year. Having been to all the cities before, the pace was more relaxed as I didn’t arrive with a checklist of things I wanted to see (but I did have a bucketlist of Spanish food that I needed back in my life!). More than anything, this trip was about the people. It was such a blast to travel with the friends I met last year in Huelva (and some cool new amigos), and to all be in one place again. (Muchísimas gracias to all my travel buddies and wonderful hostesses…you are all fantastic.)

As usual, I’m leaving Spain already fantasizing about my next visit, but for now it’s off to somewhere new…
Hasta pronto!20140416-144915.jpg

Prague: Bohemian Rhapcity

20130625-004801.jpg20130625-003106.jpg20130625-003328.jpgAfter being fully weirded out by a fellow train passenger who “liked” my feet, I was very happy to wake up in the Czech capital…
20130625-003457.jpgI paid way too much for a cab from the station (not a savvy traveller move), and met up with a friend from home to explore Prague despite the stifling heat. It was the first day this month where I felt like it was too hot to be a tourist– the air conditioned mall almost seemed more appealing than the beautiful city for a scary moment. Luckily we found the energy to tour the old town and climb up the hill to Letna park to reward ourselves with a beautiful view and a couple of cold ones in the beer garden.20130625-003849.jpg20130625-003902.jpg Continue reading