Zagreb: Accordions, Snakes, and Broken Relationships

20130615-011318.jpgIt never hurts to have a handsome local show you around their city. 20130615-072207.jpgBetween the end of our family trip in Croatia and me making my way to see Kaitlin in Poland, I had a day to myself in the Croatian capital. Luckily for me, our kayaking guide is from Zagreb and was headed there as well– after an early morning flight from Dubrovnik I was almost ready to nap through the whole day, so it was awesome to be guided around town (and then have dinner made by his welcoming parents).20130615-072622.jpg20130615-072705.jpgAfter an essential stop for ice cream and coffee we wandered around the city til our feet hurt. Our itinerary ended up including the beautiful old town, an impressive collection of snakes (only one of us was brave enough to pose with one for a photo), one of the quirkiest/best little museums I have ever been to, and an accordion festival in the park (my first time seeing an accordion orchestra! Apparently it’s big in this part of the world.). Surprisingly full and fun for an unexpected stop.20130615-073040.jpgThanks for the good times, Domo! Next stop: Budapest.

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