In the Mountains of Montenegro

20130615-103523.jpg20130615-103536.jpgPuppies and kittens were an added bonus (or a nuisance if you didn’t enjoy guarding your plate from jumping kitties– it was kind of like a cute video game) to our two night stay up at Camp Grab in Montenegro.20130615-103803.jpg20130615-103744.jpgTo finish off our week with Adriatic Kayak Tours (check them out, we had a super time!), we drove from Dubrovnik up to the rafting camp by the Tara river. It was a great place to just relax by the river, or the fire, and enjoy the scenery. We went white water rafting (my first time!) through the beautiful canyon, swam in a waterfall in Bosnia (the border between the two countries lies somewhere in that river), and with a “YOLO” mindset (I promise to never say that again!) jumped into the cold cold water to float down in our (fat)wetsuits. It was great.20130618-102012.jpg20130618-102111.jpgThe next day we spent driving through snow banks in Durmitor National Park. Impressive scenery all around, and makes the country’s name (Crna Gora = Black Mountain) seem obvious.20130618-102743.jpg20130618-102927.jpgAfter frolicking through the mountains, we made a quick stop at the Ostrog Monastery ,built almost vertically into the mountain rock (and walked the many many steps up to the monastery). Then it was back into our trusty van for a scenic drive through Bosnia back to Dubrovnik…ending our trip with some Croatian pivo and a beautiful sunset by the old town. (Thanks Mum and Dad!) x20130618-103951.jpg20130618-104014.jpg20130618-104039.jpg

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