Kayaking in Croatia

20130610-103752.jpg20130610-103852.jpgI arrived in Dubrovnik a day after leaving Huelva (via a London detective agency — thanks, Adam!), and although I already missed my Spanish pueblo, somehow everything in Spain seemed like it was ages ago. (Pero hay partes de mi corazón que estarán siempre en Huelva, claro!)
After saying so many goodbyes in Spain, it was nice to switch to saying hello to my twin brother and parents who were waiting for me in Dubrovnik.20130610-105430.jpg20130610-105010.jpgWe spent the evening in the beautiful old town before heading off to the island of Lopud the next morning. The past four days have been spent kayaking, swimming, hiking, biking and cherry picking around the islands (with the super Adriatic Kayak Tours company). It has been a blast, and the scenery was totally worth the workout my weak arms got on the water.20130610-105218.jpgI could definitely get used to floating in my kayak on the Adriatic (not to mention the amazing sunset dinners that follow)…now off to Montenegro! Besos and kisses! x20130610-105647.jpg20130610-105629.jpg20130610-105901.jpg(Thanks to my twin for the kayaking pictures!)

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