Feliz día de San Valentin! [Vanilla Bean Pudding]

Une surprise de mes élèves et collègues!

This week my students have been writing words of love and compliments on hearts to display around the school. It’s amazing: even the boys who scoffed at the assignment came up with some of the most beautiful little quotes — this proves my theory that everyone is a little romantic. Vive l’amour!20130214-203019.jpg
Last year I put some Valentine loving into these sugar cookies and meringues; because what’s February 14th without some dessert? So, if this (sexy) pink quinoa salad leaves your heart wanting something a little sweeter, I’d recommend trying this vanilla bean pudding.
20130214-234211.jpgI’m sending my love across the ocean today, y a toda la gente maravillosa de mi vida aquí — and to you, of course, for reading! You make my heart happy.

I followed Martha Stewart’s pudding recipe – with my only adjustment being to scrape out a vanilla pod (thank you, Mum, for sending me back to Spain with vanilla!), instead of using extract. Topped with simple pomegranate syrup–1 cup water, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup fruit juice of your choice (I used pomegranate and threw some chopped strawberries in); bring to a boil and then let simmer for about 40-50 minutes until you achieve your desired consistency– and with pomegranate seeds to top it all off, it made for a pretty treat!


I got some lovely warm fuzzies in a care package from my wonderful family! :)


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