on the move [grapefruit ricotta pudding]

SONY DSCSONY DSCJokingly, I told Tristan that upon moving into our new aprtment, my first order of business would be to get a little Christmas tree. Strangely, once we moved, my priorities shifted slightly — suddenly I was more concerned about getting a real mattress (off the floor!), and having vegetables in the fridge. But Tristan took me seriously, and a week after the move he delighted me by suggesting that we best go pick out a tree.

So, with my priorities straightened out, we’ve been settling in nicely. We hosted our first little shindig the weekend before Christmas and it was so fun to see our friends in a place we’re calling ours.


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Feliz día de San Valentin! [Vanilla Bean Pudding]


Une surprise de mes élèves et collègues!

This week my students have been writing words of love and compliments on hearts to display around the school. It’s amazing: even the boys who scoffed at the assignment came up with some of the most beautiful little quotes — this proves my theory that everyone is a little romantic. Vive l’amour!20130214-203019.jpg
Last year I put some Valentine loving into these sugar cookies and meringues; because what’s February 14th without some dessert? So, if this (sexy) pink quinoa salad leaves your heart wanting something a little sweeter, I’d recommend trying this vanilla bean pudding.
20130214-234211.jpgI’m sending my love across the ocean today, y a toda la gente maravillosa de mi vida aquí — and to you, of course, for reading! You make my heart happy.

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Spanish Sweet [Lemon Ricotta Pudding]

One of my best friends is leaving for Madrid to be an au pair for the next few months.  I am so excited for her, but selfishly I will miss having her in town this summer! She came over for an impromptu dinner the other night, and while the meal was not Spanish I thought it would be fun to serve a Spanish inspired dessert.

My parents gave me this beautiful cookbook for Christmas, The Food Of Spain, and I’ve been dying to try some of its recipes.  I’m excited I finally have!
I didn’t have a lot of time to whip up dessert when I came home from work, but this recipe actually turned out to be perfect for the occasion.  Four ingredients and almost no prep-work later, we had some delicious Spanish Cheese Pudding on our hands. (In the cookbook it is just called “cheese pudding”, but I think Lemon Ricotta Pudding sounds nicer…!)
This simple dessert is the perfect accompaniment for the colourful fruit that is starting to abound at the market and a little drizzle of honey.  The lemon flavour comes through lightly and will be great for easy breezy sunny days, this one is definitely on the “make again” list.
Love you, Laura — buen viaje!! xo

La receta

If you like carrot cake…

…then you should really try carrot pudding!

Carrot pudding garnished with a little lemon peel.

This recipe from the Moosewood restaurant is more like a super moist mini carrot cake. As far as desserts go, it’s pretty darn healthy so go ahead and have a second helping! Check out the recipe!