Boxing Day in Bangladesh

Excited to have arrived!

On this day last year I was on plane to Bangladesh! We went for a wedding, and only had twelve days in the country, but we managed to see a lot!  It was my first time in Bangladesh, let alone Asia, so at first things were overwhelming and I definitely experienced some culture shock.  The wedding itself was unbelievable; all the colours, the saris, the food, the traditions…everything was so beautiful.

Traditional colours at the beautiful ceremony.

Our trip was too short (I had to come back home for school), but I’m very grateful that there was time to see the “real” Bangladesh.  My boyfriend and I spent two days going off the beaten path in Dhaka and Old Dhaka, where we walked through tiny alley ways and slums.  The people living there are so resilient, we were greeted with smiles everywhere we went despite the incredible poverty.

We took a boat ride on one of these commuter boats in Old Dhaka.

I came back to Canada with a heightened appreciation for the little things we take for granted . I would go back, but I would make sure there was time for a longer trip. I don’t think I had any time to get over jet lag, the trip was such a whirl wind. It was an amazing experience.

A rick shaw jam in Dhaka.

Unfortunately I don’t have any big trips planned for this winter holiday, but there is something to be said about curling up by the fire with your family and eating Christmas leftovers. Happy holiday travels!

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