Dhaka, A While Ago

bangladesh1bangladeshIs it silly to blog about travels that happened ages ago? I’m going to hope not. maps(#tbt is all over my Instagram feed, does it exist in the blogosphere as well? Let’s pretend it does. Sidebar: apparently there are rules for #tbt! In case you didn’t know…)

A while ago, I went to Bangladesh. A while after that a friend asked me to guest post about that trip on her blog. It took me a while to write said post, and by then her blog was no longer. I’ve mentioned that trip here before briefly.bangladeshDSCN5247To continue my preamble: continue reading…

Boxing Day in Bangladesh

Excited to have arrived!

On this day last year I was on plane to Bangladesh! We went for a wedding, and only had twelve days in the country, but we managed to see a lot!  It was my first time in Bangladesh, let alone Asia, so at first things were overwhelming and I definitely experienced some culture shock.  The wedding itself was unbelievable; all the colours, the saris, the food, the traditions…everything was so beautiful.

Traditional colours at the beautiful ceremony.

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