Breaking out the Bubbly: Kir Royale

Kir royale only requires champagne and creme de cassis -- it should be in champagne flutes, though!

Why wait for New Year’s Eve to bring out the champagne? We popped open a bottle of bubbly to warm up with some Kir Royale this evening after tobogganing in the fresh snow. This classic French cocktail with a subtle fruity undertone requires only black current liqueur — crème de cassis –with a light white wine (such as Chablis). A Kir Royale uses champagne instead of the wine.

The champagne is what takes a Kir to a Kir Royale.

Only a small amount of crème de cassis should be mixed in, otherwise you end up with something jammy-sweet instead of a mysterious sparkling drink. Perfect for any celebratory occasion, or simply brunch, a good kir will never disappoint!

Kir Royale: Perfect for any occasion. Cheers!

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