Séjour Parisien


A week in Paris was just long enough to see some familiar sights, find new ones, and see tennis balls kick up red clay.   

We called the 10th arrondissement home and discovered wonderful coffee and Parisian craft beer near “our” Canal Saint-Martin. My family gamely let me lead them from cupcakes and macarons, to falafel, fish & chips, and rhubarb IPAs (all very typically Parisian?). My boyfriend arrived mid-week (chouette!); after happily/dutifully seeing the  main attractions we spent the night wandering through Le Marais from one curated cocktail list to the next. We walked a lot and ate a lot–gourmands with tired feet. Bon vivants?       A week in Paris was just long enough to feel like it wasn’t; we only just scratched the surface, but it was fantastique. I’ll be back with more soon, until then there’s more French snapshots here…à bientôt!   


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