a cup of kindness

bubbles at home (1)Realizing that I would want a splash of milk in my first coffee of 2016, Tristan and I just dashed to the grocery store (crazy busy, of course). We came back home, hastily popped a bottle of bubbly before T had to head to work, toasted, and now I’m sipping alone until friends come over. Just me, vintage Beyoncé, and a glass of sparkling. It’s a nice pause as 2015 fades out.

Though it’s certainly too late for your celebrations at this point, I wrote a little thang for Ottawa Magazine — some top Ottawa sommeliers and sommelières have some recommendations for next time you’re picking up a bottle of bubbly or if you’re wondering what wine trends might be coming up in the new year.


Graduating, a little travel with people I love, being a tiny part of Canada’s longest election, getting our first place together — those are some of the things that come to mind when I try to put together a highlight reel.

Sometimes the negative moments from this year’s world news seem to stick out the most, but here’s to hoping for plenty of compassion, kindness, and happiness in the world for 2016.

Now, I have to go cut in to my celebratory cake (inspired by current Instagram favourite: drakeoncake). Happy New Year to you and yours! As always, thanks so much for reading. xox


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