Home for the Holidaze

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With almost a month off from school over the holidays, I somehow thought the break would seem long and luxuriously slow-paced. holidaze (13)holidaze (14)I should have known better. Of course, it feels like it all sped by. Time flies when you’re hosting wonderful house guests, starting small oven fires (with some dope granola), slinging growlers at a hopping brewery, making merry with people you love…and having oh-so-much fun.

holidaze (6)
…I can’t stop baking with beer! Stout Ginger Cake, c/o Epicurious.

holidaze (1)I got to celebrating the season before my exams were even over with the arrival of dear amigos from my time in Huelva. Jane flew in from Seattle and Emma from Sevilla via Vermont with Matt! They’re all used to my tendency to try to fit in as much as possible when we’re tourists, and so they kindly let me play tour guide and whisk them around town. Along with the requisite Ottawa sights, we managed a night in Montreal (merci Louis & Hugo!), lots of good food, some dreydl spinning, trivia, beer education courtesy of my favourite co-tour guide, and several sightings of large Canadian squirrels. It was so wonderful to have them right here at home, all in Ottawa for the first time (lucky lucky me!).

The lovely loaves at Art-Is-In,  eggs in purgatory at Wilf and Adas, looking up at Museum of Canadian History, picking up donuts at Suzy Q's!
The lovely loaves at Art Is In, eggs in purgatory at Wilf & Ada’s, looking up at the Museum of Civilization, picking up donuts at Suzy Q!

holidaze (15)Just as my Huelva-buddies flew back to their respective homes, family arrived in time for Christmas and the house was full again. There were board games, movie nights, dog walks, some more time playing tourists, and lots of time spent in the kitchen. I love the general frenzy that accompanies a full house at Christmastime (though I can see why my mum, who basically keeps us all slightly organized, does not! I promise no more late night oven fires on Christmas eve!). Between seeing some of my favourite globetrotters, quality family time, a wonderful guy, and celebrating the season, it was truly a holidaze.

Dope pal/granola, the view from the Peace Tower, old records at the Belmont Snackbar, busy elves at the brewery
Dope pal/granola, the view from the Peace Tower, old records at the Belmont Snackbar, busy elves at the brewery

holidaze (17)Amidst all the holiday fun, this little blog of mine turned three (cheers!)– I’m still having a grand time posting my little ramblings on the world wide web; thanks so much for joining me. Happy New Year, friends! Wishing you and yours all the best in 2015. Much love. xo, Kholidaze (3)holidaze (2)holidaze


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