Field Correspondence

cranberryfieldcampindianpipeplantlakeogilviemorningreflectionsmosquitonetresourcesswampturtleInitially I resented this field course popping up at the end of my summer. It was a mandatory nine day class in the boonies of Ontario. But with such a fun group of classmates (and profs, too!), we managed to fit in a lot of fun between the lab and the field work. There were marshmallows and camp fires, sunny days, mice in our cabins, canoes on the lake, and (maybe too many) beers. We bushwacked, barbecued, and battled leaches. It was full of late nights and early mornings; I came home exhausted, bug bitten and bruised…and wishing that I could have stayed by the lake a little longer. Cheers enviro sci kids, and thanks for all the fish.




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