Beach Riesling

lake ontarioNHAfter sleeping through alarms and a later than anticipated start, we arrived in Prince Edward County in time for lunch at Norman Hardie’s.  We snagged a seat in the shade, and pizza hot from the wood oven arrived soon after with some cold County Chardonnay. The winery was hopping for a Monday. Amidst the soundtrack of clinking glasses and wine chatter, we mapped out our next stops in the county.  With only a short day to get away to one of our favourite places in Ontario, we planned to squeeze in as many wineries and breweries as we could before hitting the beach.  But we never made it past Norm’s. Continue reading

Wine County, Ontario

PEC (1)pec (1 of 1)Fall colours, summer sunshine, French onion grilled cheese, scenic drives, good people, and (of course) delicious wines. Not a bad way to spend a Monday.devil's wishbonepec (1 of 2)PEC (2)hinterlandWith vineyards in the region just starting their harvest, we made it down for a quick winery blitz in the county. (Thanks to Devil’s Wishbone, Exultet Wines, Lighthall Vineyard, and Hinterland Wine Company for the hospitality and wine chats on our short tour!) As usual, Prince Edward County left me wanting more. Cheers, PEC. Hope to see you again soon! exultetpec2poppy cafepecounty

Field Correspondence

cranberryfieldcampindianpipeplantlakeogilviemorningreflectionsmosquitonetresourcesswampturtleInitially I resented this field course popping up at the end of my summer. It was a mandatory nine day class in the boonies of Ontario. But with such a fun group of classmates (and profs, too!), we managed to fit in a lot of fun between the lab and the field work. There were marshmallows and camp fires, sunny days, mice in our cabins, canoes on the lake, and (maybe too many) beers. We bushwacked, barbecued, and battled leaches. It was full of late nights and early mornings; I came home exhausted, bug bitten and bruised…and wishing that I could have stayed by the lake a little longer. Cheers enviro sci kids, and thanks for all the fish.



Local Lovin’ [Peach Tart]

Good one, Roger.

Good one, Roger.

I was thrilled to wake up on Saturday to see a super nice article about this little blog of mine on Apt613 , a great blog about all things Ottawa. With my eyes still bleary I texted my mum the link from my bed — priorities! It was so exciting and I’d like to give a big thank you to Dylan (and Apt613!) for the lovely writeup. (Thank you!!)peachtart2This weekend in Ottawa was beautiful, with long days of sunshine and weather that just begged for us to stay outside. On Saturday we picked up fresh sweet corn and peaches on the side of the road, grabbed a few Beau’s on the way home and really enjoyed some of the best of Ontarian summer bounty.
Some local love.

Some local love.

Movin' to the country gonna eat a lot of peaches...

Movin’ to the country gonna eat a lot of peaches…

After reading through several recipes for peach pies, tarts, crumbles, and cobblers, I threw this one together while the corn was on the BBQ; no bake, with a bit of a healthier twist, heavy on the fresh peaches, de-lovely. Enjoy peach season!

County Cruising

20130805-151457.jpg20130805-151521.jpgI hope you all enjoyed wonderful lazy long weekends. I hope you got outside and soaked up the sun. I hope you got to put your feet up and pick sweet corn out of your teeth. And if it wasn’t a long weekend where you are, I sure hope your Monday was marvellous. 20130805-152223.jpg20130805-152200.jpgWe spent the long weekend in Prince Edward County; a mini getaway, not too far from home. Sand dunes, big brews, the country’s fastest growing wine region, summer harvests, quality people and small town charms — the weekend could have been an ad for Ontario tourism. (Yours to discover!)20130805-152700.jpg20130805-152711.jpg