Off Stage

spamprogramThe end of a show is always bittersweet. After the final curtain call last Sunday, we put away all the costumes in a blur of glitter and sequins, colourful wigs and knight’s armour, packed up the set and all the silly props (coconuts galore) and that was it.

The accessories of a chorus girl…

Despite being a bit relieved that I don’t have to try and do school work backstage anymore, I still find myself humming tunes from the show and throwing around Monty Python one liners — the everlasting joys of Camelot (Spamalot!).backstage

A chorus girl receiving roses? Thrilling! <3

It was a blast to be a part of Spamalot; it’s such a silly musical I think it would be impossible not to have a hoot onstage. I’m so glad I got to meet such wonderful people in the cast and crew — we had a ball.

Members of the ensemble (out of costume!).
Members of the ensemble (out of costume!).

To add to the fun, I had so many great friends, classmates and family members come from near and far to see a performance. The musical is high energy on any given night, but with loved ones in the audience I think my high kicks were even higher (at least, I hope!). Thank you so much to everyone who made it out, it was such a treat to have you there.

Post-show night breakfast with the whole family. The best kind of morning.
Post-show night breakfast with the whole family. The best kind of morning.

When I was younger, journal entries would often begin with fervid apologies to the diary-keeping gods for my absence from recounting the life changing drama of my childhood. (“Oh my goodness, I have sooooo much to catch up on! I’m so sorry I haven’t been keeping you updated, I promise to write everyday from now on!”)
And while I certainly never want to treat this blog like one of my kid journals (you’re welcome), I still feel like apologizing to anyone who might care (all two of you!) about the lack of posts recently. I wanted to post about this Guinness Chocolate Pudding last week (for that Irish celebration, you know?), but with the amount of school work I had to catch up on after the show it just didn’t happen.chocoguinnesschocoguinness1 We ate a lot of good food while friends and family were visiting for the show last weekend, and this was our Irish dessert. The recipe is from Beatriz’s beautiful site (I like to to practice my Spanish with her recipes!), which she had a adapted from Closet Cooking (so head that way for the English recipe). Chocolate and Guinness is wonderfully decadent combo. Hope you all had great St-Paddy’s days if you celebrated, and that spring weather is arriving wherever you are (unlike here!). Sláinte!postshowlove

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