Live Entertainment at Nevsehir Airport

I’ve done a lot of waiting in airports this year, and I think I’ve found a new pass time: watching travellers fudge up going through the security metal detectors. It could be a Monty Python sketch. I’m not alone in enjoying this humorous procession– mum and I are trying to contain our giggles, and the American couple beside me are providing some great commentary and play by play of the poor people confused about whether or not their large metal belts might set off the metal detectors.
Oh my goodness. It’s as though the group of Korean tourists across the room just wanted to entertain me some more– they are asking security if they can have the bottled water in the garbage can that was confiscated after security…and they’ve succeeded! That’s resourcefulness, folks. Sorry for the stream of consciousness post, but it was just too good.

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