Floating Over Cappadocia



The wake up call at 4:20 am was worth it. Despite my fear of heights, I was really looking forward to our hot air balloon ride over the famed landscapes of Cappadocia– I wasn’t sure if I’d be trembling or comfortable in the basket up in the air but I was ready to try!


Turns out I wasn’t scared at all; we were just gently drifting above the ground. Unfortunately it was too cloudy this morning for any kind of beautiful sunrise but it was still an impressive view. It turns out that we were lucky as the balloon pilots were initially considering cancelling the rides due to some potentially strong winds, but the winds were calm and we had smooth ride with our expert pilot, Mike, of Butterfly Balloons.

The experience finished with a champagne toast back on the ground and a sleepy ride back into town. Now it’s time for a nap before trekking around for the day! Who knew this chicken would be such a fan of floating up in the air?? (Does this mean I can sky dive? I might be getting ahead of myself, now…)







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