Thoughts From the Frankfurt Airport

I typed this out at the Frankfurt Airport a whole three days ago. At this point the realization that I was actually going to be living in Spain and didn’t know anyone was really sinking in and I got really nervous. I will admit to being, generally, a nervous traveller. I don’t think I actually have much to worry about, but I guess that’s just how I am. It’s weird because I want to travel, and be adventuresome, but maybe it just doesn’t come naturally to me…I’m trying to get better! Anyway, here are the tired ramblings of a nervous traveller….

Confessions Of A Nervous Traveller

Typing from the chilly Frankfurt airport, only a half hour til my flight to Madrid and then I should be in Huelva by this evening (I hope!!). (Although this post won’t be posted until I reach Internet-land, wherever that may be. That’s why I love YOW, just wish Frankfurt was the same!)

This is my second time at the Frankfurt airport by myself. Last year, I flew to meet my family for a hiking trip in Austria. Knowing that my family was already settled in an apartment in Vienna and waiting for me to arrive, I was not nervous at all. I just had to take a cab from the airport and voilà, the Von Shaps were all together in Vienna!

The time before that, I flew through Frankfurt to get to Dhaka. I think it was a combination of fatigue, a little anxiousness, and sitting near a real jerk on our flight that had me a little jittery, but I ended up having a mini cry fest over ramen noodles at the airport while my boyfriend at the time acted like a saint and put up with my bout of nerves.

So even when I’m not travelling by myself I tend to get a little anxious about the whole process. My mum likes the story of our first trip with a plane ride as kids to Prince Edward Island: by the time we were settled in to our quaint island cottage, I had announced that I was very homesick. We had only been there for half a day and my whole family was with me…maybe an early indication of a not-so-confident traveller…

So far, I think I’m doing alright this trip. Yes, I got a little teary when I hugged mum goodbye in Ottawa, but with Skype, Facebook, email, FaceTime, etc, I shouldn’t worry about staying in touch. Only thing I’m a little nervous about right now is manoeuvring my two suitcases from the Madrid airport onto the metro to the train station…but this doesn’t seem like something I should fret over.

I’ve loved all my travel experiences but I do so wish that I was a cooler traveller; maybe that just comes with practice. I was so excited when I applied to this program in Spain, and even more excited when I found out I was accepted — so I think that means I’m ready for a little adventure. We’ll find out. Time to fly to Madrid…¡vamos!


  1. No Wifi (from my experience pronounced “Wee-fee” in Spain hahaha) is the worst, it is the 21st century after all! You are so brave for embarking on this adventure and being oot and aboot on your own in a foreign country will definitely get easier every single day! We are all so proud/ happy (/jealous) of you! :) :)
    I hope all went well lugging those bags onto the metro (I know from personal experience the metro system in Madrid is NOT traveller-friendly…). Can’t wait to read more of your posts! Much love, xo!

    • Thanks, Chiquita!! Unfortunately, my flight from Frankfurt was delayed by quite a bit and I didn’t want to miss my train so I chickened out and took a cab. Things are already getting a bit easier, although I think the teaching might actually be a little more demanding than I had previously thought! Entonces, es vale:) I do keep your experience this summer in mind — it’s very encouraging:) xox!

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