Thoughts from the Frankfurt Airport Pt. 2 [Homeward Bound!]

88 days ago I sat in this airport nervously waiting for my flight to Madrid (see part 1…), on my way to Huelva for the first time. And now! Here I am again in Frankfurt, homeward bound for the holidays (really hoping I don’t have any travel issues like last time) and so looking forward to spending the most wonderful time of the year at home with my family and friends.

20121223-121934.jpgAs I called to book a cab last night for my early morning departure from Madrid, I had a little moment of pride– three months ago my Spanish wasn’t good enough to completely understand people over the phone, let alone be understood. I was so nervous; new city, new country, new job, new friends, new-ish language, first time living on my own…but I’ve been doing it. And having a great time. For sure, there have been moments of homesickness, but mostly I’ve just been pinching myself at the experiences I’ve been having so far — from salsa dancing until the sun comes up to sipping glüwhein in snowy Berlin, it’s been crazy and fun and worth the initial nerves. A quick return to the familiarity of home will be nice; I’ve had to go outside my comfort zone a little bit, but I think that’s a good thing. For now, hasta luego España– ¡nos vemos en 2013!


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