A Vegetarian’s Nightmare: Ribs Fest

With the city experiencing a bit of a heat wave this week, the official arrival of summer would be hard to miss, but you know summer has really arrived in Ottawa when Ribs Fest comes to town. 15 vendors from the United States and Canada take over five blocks in the pedestrian mall downtown to compete in the cook off with prizes for the best ribs, best chicken, and best sauces. They’ll be serving up smokey barbecue goodness from 11am-10pm until Sunday, so if you’re in Ottawa make sure you get a taste of the city’s meatiest festival.

With my office being right beside the smorgasbord it’s impossible to miss the line of barbecues and grills heating up Sparks Street…I can smell it all day! A few girlfriends and I met for pulled pork sandwiches and drinks on shady patio for lunch; a pretty great way to enjoy the first official day of summer.The only downside to enjoying pulled pork and beer at lunch? There’s no time for napping at work…fooooooood coma.
I had to tip….

Ribs and cornbread for dinner. A balanced meal…


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