What do you do with stale bread?

Make French toast, of course!  With a loaf or hardened baguette on my hands and some left over challah, I got to work this morning! Just to clarify, I mean stale as in the bread is a little dry and not super for a sandwich, not stale as in there is mould on your bread…

If you google “French toast recipe” you will find a seemingly endless supply of recipes for the classic breakfast, some traditional and some with their own twist.  There are French toast soufflés, baked French toast, some with Grand Marnier, French toast BLTs…

They all sound delicious, but I just went for an easy brekkie and made Pomegranate Orange French Toast with Orange Sauce and Pecans & Classic French Toast with Raspberries, Bananas and Maple Syrup. A super tasty way to start of the day! What are your favourite French toast combinations?? 

Pomegranate Orange French Toast (for 6 slices of baguette)

2 eggs
2 tbsp buttermilk (or milk, or cream)
fresh orange juice from one orange (or 2 tbsp of orange juice)
2 tsp 100% pomegranate juice
Pinch of cinnamon

For the orange sauce: In a sauce pan on medium-high heat, simply combine the juice from one orange (or ½ cup orange juice) with ¼ cup brown sugar until slightly syrupy.

Soaking the baguette in the egg mixture (with fresh orange and pomegranate juice)

Garnish the French toast with chopped pecans

Classic French Toast (for 6 slices of baguette)

2 eggs
2 tbsp milk (or buttermilk, or cream)
2 tsp ground cinnamon
2 tsp nutmeg
2 tsp vanilla extract

Serve with raspberries (fresh, or thawed frozen berries), sliced bananas and maple syrup

Nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla are key players in this French toast.

Maple Challah French Toast (for 4 slices of challah)

3 eggs
3 tbsp milk
1 tbsp ground cinnamon
1 tbsp ground nutmeg
2 tbsp maple syrup
1 tsp vanilla extract

Serve with blueberries, sliced banana and slivered almonds.

Method for all versions of French toast:

Beat together eggs, milk/buttermilk/cream, and other ingredients.
Pour the egg mixture into a shallow bowl/pan and place pieces of bread in mixture.
Let bread sit for 10 minutes at least and then flip the bread over to let it soak on the other side, for another 5-10 minutes.
In a pan or on a griddle on the stove, melt two tablespoons of butter (or use canola oil and heat).
Place toast on the pan and flip once the bottom side is golden brown (about 3 minutes).
Remove toast from heat and serve right away with chosen garnish.



  1. WOW that pom-orange French toast recipe sounds wonderful! May I suggest the next time you have stale bread to make bread pudding? SO easy to make and really delicious with lots of variations depending on what kind of bread you use and what you add to the recipe (nuts, raisins, chocolate chips, dried cranberries, etc.) I always make it with the leftover bread heels from work!
    Keep up the fantastic posts (and really great photos!)

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