new year, same blog

gingerbread house mug topper 2017It’s been six years of casual blogging on Kate’s Plate (a name I’m still not sure that I like, but oh well)! My little corner of the internet has often been neglected, but I’m glad it’s here, and that you’re here, too.

The first recipe I posted was my mum’s gingerbread. (I refer to it as my mum’s since I will forever associate it with her, but should probably give the cred to Martha Stewart.)
I can’t remember why, but I split that first food post into two parts: one with a bunch of exclamation marks (gingerbread! “festive, and oh-so-delicious!”) and awkwardly lit photos, and a separate post with the recipe.

2017 was a bit of a post-drought over here, so it seems silly to mark any kind of blogiversary, but last year I had my mind set on making mini gingerbread houses to be mug-toppers (“festive, and oh-so-delicious!) to celebrate five years of this hobby. I made them, but the template I went with was way too large, and I didn’t even check the size of the template in relation to the mug (rookie move – you call yourself a blogger?!). So, they were just miniature houses that comically perched on some of the largest mugs I had around.

This year, I was determined to get it right. The structural integrity of these little houses was certainly questionable, as was the ratio of icing to cookie, but! they were tiny and twee. I was happy.SONY DSClast-five-years

I’d like to think that the quality of the photos around here has changed – happily, our holiday traditions haven’t (gingerbread galore!). So, all in one place, here are a bunch of gingerbread photos and the recipe (really, this do-over is so that the next time someone asks for the recipe I’m less embarrassed when I send a link to my blog. Heh.).

Here’s to years five and six of this little blah-blah-blahg. Thank you so much for popping by. It’s a hoot to share with you the things that bring me joy and/or enthuse me enough to ramble on about it on the internet. I hope you’re mildly entertained and/or have time to try a recipe, whether it’s this gingerbread (clearly an obsession of mine) or something from the archives with dimly lit photos.

And, thank you to my mother, who puts up with kitchen messes every time I visit, and is probably the first to read anything that’s posted here. Call me when you find a typo. xolast-five-years7

That recipe’s here!

Spice Up Your Cake Life

Although ginger seems to be prominent in baking during the holidays, I really don’t think this should be a seasonal baking spice! These three cakes, Spiced Yogurt Pound Cake, Blueberry Ginger Pound Cake, and Gingerbread Cake with Maple Whipped Cream, all make use of ginger and other aromatic spices. I can assure you, they taste good all year long (because really, is yummy cake ever seasonal?!). These are some pretty easy, no-fuss recipes. It’s easy to dress these cakes up with glazes or creams, but they’re really lovely on their own. Happy Baking!

Spiced Yogurt Pound Cake & Blueberry Ginger Pound Cake

Three easy cake recipes here…

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Chrismukkah

Ottawa finally woke up to a snow-covered wonderland yesterday after many worried that we would have a green Christmas for the first time in several years. Luckily, Mother Nature pulled through and the white stuff is adding some sparkle to the holidays.

Dunlop exploring in the snow during his first winter.

I’m sure you know how it is with the holidays — you make all these plans, and there’s never enough time. I had a list of recipes and treats to try, outings and decorating plans, but inevitably the majority falls to the wayside as I spend time with family and friends instead of running around…but, really, that’s ok!

A challah wreath with gingerbread holly

Braided challah dough

Although everything is celebrated in a pretty secular way in my house, we do like to have some hybrid Christmas/Hanukkah traditions. It makes for a pretty tasty holiday!

With all the hustle and bustle I will post the recipes later (but most of these treats are just simple munchies)…enjoy!

Letting the gingerbread men cool down.

Dreydl dreydl dreydl, I made it out of marshmallow!

Candycane marshmallow hot chocolate dippers!

One of our gingerbread houses...this one came with Rudolph and Frosty !

A happy hot choco ! (Made for me while I was studying by my awesome little brother)

So Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, have a great Festivus (for the rest of us), and keep warm in this last week of December!

And, if I may be so bold as to suggest some holiday music, this playlist is pretty versatile. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!!