katieshapHi! I’m Katie – a self proclaimed generalist, Canuck, mediocre tennis player, and shower singer. I’m working on my BSc I recently finished my science undergrad/I work as a parliamentary research assistant I’m working on my master’s, and can often be found making a mess in the kitchen and taking too many pictures of my food.

I’m flattered you’ve stopped by my little corner of the internet—thanks! Hope to see you back again soon.

A wee bit of serious stuff: Unless otherwise noted, all photographs and posts on the blog are by me. I would be chuffed if you felt like sharing, but please link back to the source. You can get in touch with me at katiesplate@gmail.com.


  1. Hi Kate!

    I have a question regarding one of your recipes, and whether or not I can republish it on my website (giving you full credit, of course!). Please email me at giuseppina.mazzone@ryerson.ca so I can tell you more information about it. I would have directly emailed you, but I can’t find your email on your blog.

    Hoping to hear from you soon, thanks!
    – Josie

  2. Hi Katie, I love reading and writing bucket lists and I stumbled across your blog and wondered if you were interested in submitting a post to a new event called Our Growing Edge.

    A growing edge is the part of us that is still learning and experimenting. It’s the part that you regularly grow and improve, be it from real passion or a conscious effort. The event aims to compile a monthly snapshot as to what bloggers are doing in terms of new challenges with food. This monthly event aims to connect and inspire us to try new things.

    I am currently accepting posts from January and February and I hope you can make it.

    More info can be found here: 
    or the link party here:

    Thanks for reading,

  3. I just want to say that it’s mid winter and I have the mid winter blas… or…. blues….. whatever you call them.. I feel like crap and I feel like I gained 60 pounds and I can’t wait till Spring when I get my bike back on the road, OH and I also can’t wait till next week when I go to Hawaii and rent a bike for the entire time and explore the back country and beaches.,….. then when I get back it will be Spring (I hope), and I can cycle again, and get back to working (seriously)…. and then I look forward to when Kate comes back to Canada and she can show me how to make those chocolate/caramel tartlettes…. or may we go to T and T for Dim Sum…… ahhhhh summer.

  4. Hi Katie,

    Do you have an email address that I could contact you at? I have a few questions for you regarding an event!


  5. Hi Katie!

    I just got your cookies, and they were absolutely lovely! I ate 5 upon opening them :) Thanks for your special note, I really appreciate it. Happy Holidays!

  6. Hey there! I’ve been following your blog for a few years (love your photos so much!!), and it’s finally time to me to visit Canada… Hooray! Any suggestions for things to do in Ottawa?? My sister and I will be there next week for a day or two. Beyond the Pale is already on the list ;)

    • Hi! Oh, thanks so much, that’s really kind of you :)
      Yay! Yes, absolutely! I probably have more suggestions to bombard you with than will comfortably fit here — is there an email address i could send a list to? Or you could send me an email at katiesplate@gmail.com? Cheers!

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