Dipping A Toe In

*dusts of cobwebs*

…oh, hi there! Yes, I’m still here. I was beginning to worry that I would make it a full year without a new blog post, but no. Getting in under the wire at 364 days.IMG-0411.JPG

My twin and I recently celebrated our birthday. He came in from Montreal with his fiancé (and Tika, of course) to celebrate with family. I made our cake, inspired by this beauty, but it was a bit of a #PinterestFail… I was thinking a beautiful cake would be a nice return to blogging, but a mediocre-looking cake will have to do. (The recipe is one that I’ve been decorating poorly for years – luckily it still tastes good.)

Heading back to the little blog to find my mum’s one bowl chocolate cake recipe reminded me about how much I appreciate having this little space on the internet (though neglected) to record the clues to some favourite recipes and moments. I’ve been writing a little bit elsewhere, but I’m hoping to be around here a tad more often.

Back soon! (I hope.)



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