perched on the farm

Tristan’s been showing me videos (cute, I guess) of pigs for the last little while and pushing for an apartment pig (never going to happen), so for his birthday I took him to hang out on a farm.
SONY DSCWithout any travel plans for the next little while, it was nice to get out of the city for 24 hours. And even though we were just beyond the actual city limits, Mariposa Farm’s Perched Cabin was far enough to feel a little special.

We’d heard plenty about Ian and Suzanne’s farm, but it was our first time visiting and we were keen to participate – so Ian gave us a tour, we met the aggressive swan and the sweet little ducks,  we planted lettuce, weeded planters, shovelled shit, and spent a little over an hour wielding pitchforks while covering a garden with a bale of hay. I have never felt so much like a city slicker. By the end of the afternoon we had blisters on our hands, and had realized we might not be cut out for farming…

Back in the (beautiful) log cabin, we admired our green surroundings and congratulated ourselves on a few hours of farm activity (city slickers, I tell ya!). We wandered around the farm with a glass of wine, Tristan was thoroughly entertained by the pigs’ antics, and I was thoroughly entertained by him. It was great, and if you have a chance to stay in their Perched Cabin, I’d highly recommend it. (The farm labour isn’t required, but you might as well try your hand at it!)

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