Life, Lately

20140614-184744.jpg20140614-185029.jpg20140614-185120.jpgWhen it comes to blogging on the go I tend to either really be on the ball, organizing pictures and drafting posts on trains and planes, orrrr I go a little MIA and plan a list of posts for when I’m back in one spot. Recently I’ve been a sloth-like blogger with recipes and drafts piling up on my laptop. If virtual files could collect dust, these might make you sneeze. 20140614-185440.jpg20140614-185543.jpgBut, I’ll spare you the apologetic schpiel I used to give my journal when I’d neglected recording the fascinating happenings regularly in my life. In short, I’ve had some great times in Spain, Scotland, Alaska, Seattle, Vancouver and Toronto…and back at home in Canada’s capital. Hopefully I’ll get some regular action up on here– sorry to my millions of fans I’ve been neglecting. Right now I’m in Montreal for a weekend that is a little bittersweet–we’re celebrating my grandmother’s life, who passed away in March, and enjoying having the entire clan together. I hope your weekends are wonderful, wherever in the world you might be. xo20140614-190029.jpg20140614-190103.jpg20140614-190221.jpg


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