Stamp Your Passion Passport [Barcelona a Year Ago]

barcelona2güellJust over a year ago I was on my first budget airline flight ever, heading from Sevilla up to Barcelona. And thus began my great love for Ryanair….Just kidding. I have a love/hate relationship with that (sometimes) crazy cheap airline.guell2The ceiling could almost steal the show at the Palau de musica The ceiling could almost steal the show at the Palau de musica[/caption]flamencoIn any case, Barcelona was a blast. And one of the great things about my weekend in Catalonia is that I got to spend it with Zach. I had met Zach a few weeks earlier in Madrid through my twin brother. Zach mentioned that he was planning to head to Barcelona the next month and invited me to tag along. I was thrilled: Barcelona was high on my travel wish list, and now I had a cool travel buddy.fcbarcelonagoal!Zach at work. Zach at work

Between scalping last minute seats to see FC Barcelona in action, fiery flamenco music, Gaudí, exploring the city’s gothic quarter at night, more Gaudí, and some wine, I also went on my first ever “InstaMeet” with Zach. At first I was shy about taking any pictures next to Zach, but I quickly got over the intimidation and joined in the fun.

Scenes from my first InstaMeet!
Scenes from my first InstaMeet
The way I described Zach to friends at the time was that he was (still is) “Instagram famous”. (He’s also an amazing swimmer, polyglot, foodie, and an all around fun guy — but “Instagram famous” was just fun to say.) When we met in Barcelona he talked of wanting to expand on his passion for travel and photography. Just a few months later he founded Passion Passport and with his team has continued to inspire travellers around the world.passionpassport
The community that Passion Passport has created is inspiring. Whether you’re looking to plan your next trip, work up the courage to travel alone, or simply enjoy the stories of other fellow travellers, the website is a virtual hive of wanderlust activity. Looking to win a grant for your next adventure? Check out The Bucket List Initiative!

Of course, if you’re happily in one spot or don’t have any travel plans on the horizon you can always follow Zach and the Passion Passport team on Instagram, no passport required.sagradafamiliaguell3


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