Shavasana Is My Happy Place

A beautiful place to get your om on.
A beautiful place to get your om on.
I fall asleep in yoga class all the time. Almost every class, without fail. I can snooze almost anywhere so it isn’t so remarkable that after an hour of (hot) physical exertion I just conk out, but I do end up feeling silly if I don’t wake up on my own…awkward much?peacetowerShavasana (aka corpse pose — the one I am best it), that last “pose” at the end of the yoga practice where you just lie back on your mat and relax everything (including your jaw– I never do that intuitively), is my happy place. Whether the class has my weakling-muscles shaking from fatigue or I somehow barely managed to break a sweat, shavssanah always feels good. It’s like the most powery of power naps!
The view from downward dog.
The view from downward dog.
Parliament Hill Yoga is one of my favourite things about summer in Ottawa. It’s so fun to see such a diverse group of people come together for a massive outdoor class– and the setting is so pretty! You’ll see the regulars up front clad from head to toe in Lululemon (the event organizers) as well as tourists just kicking off their shoes on the grass to join in.
This week’s class was my last Parliament Hill Yoga as I have school starting back up, but it’s running every Wednesday at noon for the month of September, check it out! Love and namaste, friends:)phlibrary

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