Alhambra Afternoon

Slightly obsessed with Spanish tiles.
Slightly obsessed with Spanish tiles.


La AlhambraThe reason for many (if not most) people’s visits to Granada, the Alhambra is a jewel atop the hills of the city.  After basking in the sunshine around the fortress we wandered through the palace as the sun set.  alhambra2alhambra boys
The tiles, the arches, the marble,  the carvings…I was in awe of every part of the decadent Moorish architecture.  Water features reflect the Alhambra’s beauty, and its gentle flow is the perfect soundtrack to accompany a visit through this magical place.  (Trust me, anyone could wax poetic about La Alhambra, I’m not just being corny!)sierra  nevadaalhambra ceilingalhambra gangalhambra gangalhambra arch

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