Dying Arts in Beyoğlu

20130328-212817.jpgOld workshops and ateliers are tucked away along the hilly streets of Beyoğlu. Narrow wooden doors lead to surprisingly large studios; some crisp and modern, others dusty and rustic. With our lovely guide for our artisan tour, Duygu, we met several artists who continue to work passionately at these “dying arts” and who were kind enough to show us their trades. Some of these “ustas” (masters) have been practicing their craft for 60 years and their impressive skill is evident.20130328-213041.jpg20130328-213120.jpg20130328-213139.jpgDuygu guided us off the beaten path, and introduced us to these local artists that we would not have had the chance to meet otherwise. We finished our tour at a small restaurant (another gem we wouldn’t have found on our own, and a place we enjoyed so much that we returned for dinner the next day!), discussing politics, culture and life in Turkey over çay (tea). It was a great part of our time in Istanbul. You can find information on Duygu’s walking tours here.20130328-214308.jpg20130328-214347.jpg20130328-214421.jpg20130328-214403.jpg


  1. Hey Katie–just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your travel blog. Very wonderful, keep it up :) You are making me and Bruce keen to revisit Istanbul, that is for sure.

    • Thanks so much, Maggie! Nice to hear from you! I’m having a really great time– and am lucky my parents have taken me to Turkey! Hope you and Bruce have a chance to get back:)

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