Istanbul (Not Constantinople)


I’m in Istanbul! (And can’t believe it!) Any time Istanbul is mentioned, I think of this song. (It was randomly a high school favourite.)

20130321-234738.jpgI had to sprint across two terminals in Paris this morning to make my connecting flight here, but luckily I made it! Unfortunately, my poor parents have dealt with two days of delays — it started with snow storms, then continued with missed connections, lost luggage and overbooked flights. They were supposed to arrive a day before me, but it looks like they will finally get here tomorrow afternoon (fingers crossed!!).

20130321-235235.jpgI’m waiting for my parents before doing any of the big sites and more exploring, so I’ve spent the time by myself just wandering around our neighbourhood. We are staying just down the road from the Galata Tower and it seems like a really cool part of town. I’ve already satisfied my kebab craving and had my first taste of Turkish tea…so far so good!

20130321-235541.jpgAny recommendations for must sees in Istanbul?? Now just cross your fingers that my parents (and their luggage) arrive tomorrow!:)


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