Sueños de juventud

I think I might suffer from just a teeny bit of FOMO, which I’m working on curing (and which might be why when I really should be going to sleep I head out to salsa, because when will I next be living in the south of Spain where there are salsa parties seemingly every day of the week?! When will I next live right next to Portugal?! Or have access to 19€ flights to Paris?! You see my dilemma?). I love being busy, but I’m sure you all know how it is when your lack of sleep catches up with you — now I get to whine about a sore throat and a stuffy nose; it will be an early night tonight. Today has been one of those days that have me daydreaming about the next time I can possibly fit in a siesta (pronto, por favor!), preferably with this gentle melody as my soundtrack.

This is a beautiful song that stuck with me from the Argentinian film ‘Infancia clandestina’. There was a film festival in Huelva last November, and despite not being able to understand 89% of the dialogue, I was completely drawn into the movie (based on a true story) and have had the song on repeat ever since.


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