Hump Day Harmonies: La Vie En Rose

Despite my bedroom having become fairly chilly and damp in this Spanish “winter”, it’s still pretty hard to leave my little bed and head to work some mornings, damp plaster walls and all.  But I have a lot to look forward to — including a trip to Paris this weekend — so I crawl out of bed with Édith Piaf set as my alarm. I have been to Paris once before, but that was almost ten years ago, so I feel like this trip will be quite different.  If you have any suggestions for a Parisian weekend, please send them my way!

Sure, this might be a clichéd choice for a song when talking of Paris, but I don’t care– I’ve got la ville-lumière on my mind, and that definitely brightens any hump day.  This is one of my absolute favourite renditions of the classic song ; quirky, talented, and oh so lovely, Pamplemoose puts a great spin on this one….it has a certain je ne sais quoi?? Alright, I’ll stop. À bientôt!


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