En diez días: la aventura!

I think I’ve been afraid to mention it on the blog in case something happened and my plans fell through, but it seems safe now!: My little Spanish adventure begins in 10 days! I can’t believe how fast the summer has flown by, that’s the way it always is, right?

Christopher Columbus sailed from Huelva. Image via

In 10 days I’ll be flying to Madrid and then taking the train to Huelva where I will be a French teaching assistant for the next 8 months.  This is a big first for me in many ways: my first time living away from home, first time living anywhere other than Ottawa, my first time in Spain! I couldn’t be more excited, but I have to admit to being a little terrified about the whole thing.  I’ve been super lucky to have travelled a fair bit with my family and friends in the past, and I love travelling, but I get homesick fairly easily.  That’s OK though, I know that’s just how I am, so I will suck it up and enjoy the whole experience (at least that’s the plan!).

I’m really looking forward to living in Andalucía; the area just seems steeped in history and culture, and looks oh-so-beautiful. I can’t wait to explore the region. All the guidebooks and websites I’ve flipped through don’t really make Huelva sound like a super appealing place for a tourist, but I think I’m glad that I’m not living in a very touristy place — hopefully that means a more “authentic” experience? Except obviously I would still like to visit all the touristy places; my list of things to see is already too long.
Apparently the region I’m living in is known for it’s flamenco and cured ham…allllllright!

Where I’ll be!

So, I’ll be working at a bilingual French high school as a teacher’s assistant, and then hopefully teaching English on the side as well. My Spanish is almost decent, but I never ever speak it here, so I’m a little nervous about that. Hopefully after being immersed in it for a while I will pick it up.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Jane Austen is the perfect helper for multilingualism…?

With ten days left before I leave, I’m just trying to fit in seeing as many of my friends as possible, spending some quality time with the family, and figuring out what and how to pack for 8 months…

If you have any travel tips, second language teaching tips or things I shouldn’t miss in Spain, please let me know! Gracias y hasta pronto!

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