Summer Reading: Book Group Meeting #1

Reading is cool, folks! I have some friends who question my age, because they view this book group hobby as “old”, but to that I say phooey! (And that doesn’t sound old at all, right?) The book group that some of my lovely gals and I started way back when is back for another summer instalment, with our first meeting happening this weekend! We’re going to discuss book choices this Saturday, so for our first meeting we thought we’d switch it up a bit and do some poetry. One of my best friends is an English major and a big fan of Edna St-Vincent Millay. I hadn’t read any of her poetry since my high school writer’s craft class, but remembered loving it so we thought she would be a good poet to kick off the summer with.  If you’d like to read along with our book group I’ll post what ends up on our summer reading list.  For now, here are the poems we picked for this weekend. Any poet experts around? If you want to virtually join our book group (and that would be SO cool…) just leave a note in the comments!

Happy reading!


What Lips My Lips Have Kissed, And Where, And Why (Sonnet XLIII)
Love Is Not All
Modern Declaration
I Know I Am But Summer To Your Heart
Ode To Silence
Time Does Not Bring Relief; You All Have Lied


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