Perspective: The Scale of the Universe

Check this out:

The Scale of the Universe 2

“Scale of the Universe 2” by Michael and Cary Huang will blow your mind. With their interactive model you can scroll through the scale starting at human size all the way to things that are yottameters or yoctometers in diameter (that’s 1024 and 10-24 meters respectively; i.e. really, really big and really, really small). With some spacey music accompanying the animation it’s hard not to get caught up in the wonder of the universe.  I had my nerdy moment for the day marvelling at it all; even the largest things you could imagine are simply sums of the smallest things. The connections are never ending.  Just don’t think about it too hard, it can get kind of overwhelming!
So…does it make you feel really big or really small?

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