Back To Reality

After such a fun, relaxing week in the Caribbean it’s a rude awakening (literally!) to get up for 8:30am classes. I had my week in the sun and now it’s back to the Canadian winter and a pile of school work.

Sailing away from Miami.

My twin brother and I spent a week on board the Celebrity Eclipse — a big, beautiful ship.  Thanks to Twin having worked for Celebrity before he was able to get us a discount and we enjoyed a pretty luxurious trip on a pretty serious budget! There was awesome entertainment, parties, a glass blowing show, time on the beach, quality time with my book and amaaaazing food (you knew I was going to mention the food…).

DELICIOUS pizza at Pirilo's in San Juan
Some Christmas Ale in Puerto Rico
Flipping through the big, beautiful Celebrity cookbook


Amazing Poison Ivy glass made on the ship by the Corning Museum of Glass.
...and back to the snow!

Can’t believe it’s the end of the month already. But we got an extra day; happy leap day!


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