An Austentatious Day

One of the world’s greatest writers (a truth universally acknowledged) would have been 236 today. Happy Birthday, Jane Austen!! I have the date on my phone calendar (a little nerdy?) and decided that Ms. Austen’s birthday was a good day to finally get started on my little blog. (An omen, maybe?!)

I’ve been wanting to start my own blog for some time, but with no clear focus I kept putting off that first post.  Well, here it is! This being said, I still do not have a clear focus, or direction(oops!).

ImageThat’s right.
Textbooks = yuck.
Just a small selection of my ever-growing "to read" collection...

I promised myself that I would not be distracted by my new-found hobby until AFTER all my exams, but that’s not til December 22nd. I just can’t wait to put aside my textbooks for some novels…maybe re-read some Austen? I never get tired of P&P.
So here’s to end-of-semester-procrastination and all the fun that comes with it. Let’s just have fun, shall we?

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