Winter Brights [Opening Night and Citrus]

wintercitrus1citrustart1Hello again! It’s been a month since I last managed to blog (what a funny verb), and I didn’t even have time to notice. Now, February 2014 will forever go undocumented on Kate’s Plate. How devastating. With nine days spent in gloriously sunny Jamaica, and the rest spent desperately trying to stay organized with school, rehearsals for a musical and napping on the sofa in front of the Olympics (I was competing against my dog for a medal in couch surfing), February seemed even shorter than usual. februaryAnd now! We’re in the home stretch of this semester, Jamaica feels like a million years ago, and our musical opened last night (!!). If you’re in Ottawa and you want to have a good laugh, come check out the Orpheus Musical Theatre Society’s production of Monty Python’s Spamalot! We had so much fun with our first audience last night and we can’t wait for more! There are eight more shows running until March 16th.spamalot One thing that hasn’t really changed since I last posted is the season. We’ve still got a bit of winter left (which I am loving, though I know that’s not the popular opinion), but the days are longer and the sun has been shining. It’s been exactly as Dickens put it: “It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.” Perfect. (Thanks, Corinne for reminding me of that one!)wintercitrus2citrustart2 So, things have been a little hectic around here, but happily so. Without sounding too twee (or trying to, at least), within all the running around I’ve been finding a lot of joy and gratitude in stopping to appreciate the little things; these sunny March days and colourful fruit have been at the top of my list of oh-so-lovely things.

I just wanted to say hi after a little impromptu break:) Hope February treated you well! xo

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Winter Light [Oatmeal Spice Pumpkin Muffins]

winterlight1winterlightIt’s early days, but I’m going to go ahead and guess that “polar vortex” will be one of the biggest buzz words from 2014. Normally a steadfast staple and clichéd topic for small talk, we have somehow sensationalized the weather. winterlight2Yes, it’s been cold. Frigid, even. But isn’t that just “winter” in this part of the world? In any case, this Friday we’re ringing in the weekend with balmy temperatures — only -7°C! It’s the first day in a couple weeks that I left the house without Continue Reading…

Confucius Says: Happy New Year!

Sunny skies, snowy beach, clear head, happy heart....welcome 2013!

Happy New Year, friends! This visit back home is flying by and Canada has spoiled me with my favourite people and beautiful winter wonderlands. Exactly what I wanted for the holidays.

One of 2012's last outings: boardgames and treats at Snakes and Lattes

One of 2012’s last outings: a fabulous afternoon at Snakes and Lattes.

I’m not really one for resolutions — I like setting goals but that happens sporadically.  To be honest, my new year’s resolutions haven’t changed much since 2002. But as I mulled over my seemingly endless amount of potential resolutions this morning, this quote popped into my head and made me smile.

image via

image via

It sounds cliché, but I think this is what I am adopting as my mantra for 2013.  A nervous traveler I may be (sometimes!), and a self-described homebody for sure — but this is my goal:  wholeheartedly, optimistically, adventurously, and kindly, enjoy 2013. I hope you do, too. Peace and love!

The New Year's Eve crowd in Toronto.

The New Year’s Eve crowd in Toronto.

Dunlop, aka Snowbeard the poodle, after a long walk in our winter wonderland.

Dunlop, aka Snowbeard the poodle, after a long walk in our winter wonderland.