First Snows [Baked Hot Chocolate]

snowfallbakedhotchocolateThe first few snowfalls were polite little things, gently reacquainting us with the season. Then overnight, winter determinedly made her entrance. Ottawa woke up to 30 centimetres of freshly fallen snow yesterday and I, for one, was so excited that the novelty of shovelling the driveway won’t wear off for a little while yet.parliamentsnow With the school semester coming to an end and the holidays almost beginning, I tend to be a little all over the place at this time of year. Should I be baking gingerbread or studying for exams? (Baking gingerbread, obviously. In my dreams.) But this decadent dessert doesn’t take much time to come together and it only requires four basic ingredients — perfect for a quick winter study break.firstsnow Musical accompaniment: A Fine Frenzybakedhotchoco2 Continue Reading