Giddy Up! [Cowgirl Cookies]

SONY DSCI’ve got a bit of a cookie crush on Moo Milk, a charming milk and cookie bar in Toronto that opened last August. After trying one of their ice cream sandwiches I was hooked (marshmallow ice cream with toffee bit cookies, can you blame me?!).   I’m not even a huge milk drinker, but their delicious flavours have turned me into a bit of a convert, and there really isn’t anything better to go with their show-stopping cookies (which are pretty much  perfect;  a little crispy around the outside, with a chewy center…I think I may have tried almost every flavour they had the last time I was in town).  mooThough it’s tough to pick a favourite Moo cookie, their Cowgirl cookie might just be it.  My love of sweet and salty combinations had me going back for seconds…and bringing some back for my family in Ottawa.
moosandwichI’m not sure why these are called Cowgirl cookies, but I like it.  It’s feisty.  They are great for Cowboys as well, of course.  This recipe isn’t for Moo Milk’s cookie, but rather my attempt at recreating them in my kitchen in Huelva…Moo’s has (I’m pretty sure) some mini choco chips, toffee bits, pretzels, and espresso grounds.  Mine include chocolate chunks, pretzels, oats, espresso grounds, and I threw in some shredded coconut the second time I made them.  So, not quite “the” Moo Milk Cowgirl cookie, but pretty darn delicious all the same! cowgirl
Giddy up and make yourself some Cowgirl Cookies!

Toronto Times

I could get used to a two day work week! After a fabulous long weekend in Toronto, I’m packing my bags for a trip with my family to New York City…it’s a fun week!

I’m not usually one to extol the wonders of Canada’s largest city — I’m a Habs fan, I could never love Leafs city! — but I’ve had some really great visits in TO this year and I think it’s growing on me a bit.

A smog free day in Toronto.
(awesome picture from my awesome twin!)

Some of my best girlfriends and I got together for a weekend full of good drinks, good food, good dancing, good patios, and really good times. It’s hard to get the four of us in the same place these days with school and travelling so it was extra special to have a whole weekend to catch up.  We were able to take advantage of the 10th edition of Summerlicious, a summer food festival where many of Toronto’s top restaurants offer three course fixed-price menus for $45 or less.  We got dressed up and headed over to l’Auberge du Pommier for a really lovely dinner, and I think one of my favourite nights of the summer (so far!).  Feeling fancy with wine pairings for each course, we were pretty much thrilled with the atmosphere and our delicious (filling!) meals. We’d probably never make reservations here on our student budgets, so the promotion was a lot of fun.  I’d highly recommend l’Auberge!
(Thank you, Dylan, for being the camera-lady in the fancy restaurant! xo)

Since starting university, when I visit Toronto we usually see the Eaton Centre, a couple bars, and my friend’s apartment (which is lovely!), so I was happy to play tourist for a little bit and explore.  If you have a night in the city and want to laugh go see The Second City, it isn’t too expensive and is great entertainment. Some pretty darn awesome comedians started here and the current show was a riot. Grab a drink and enjoy the show. Get to the beach, stop by the Steam Whistle Brewery for a sample and a tour, wander the downtown area, go to the museums, have a nice dinner (Amuse is swell), look up at the CN tower and enjoy the hum of Canada’s metropolis.  Whether it’s the city you love or the city you love to hate (but hate’s a pretty strong word…), you can’t be bored in Toronto.

Holy moly, I just noticed the amount of parentheses that I used above (sorry?!)…I can’t stop myself.
Any Toronto recommendations for the next visit?

I Ate Quinoa Before It Was Cool [Cheesy Quinoa Cakes]

I had a lot of fun visiting friends in Toronto this past weekend – maybe too much fun right before getting back into the school grind…oops!

These cool people introduced me to what might be the tastiest burger ever. There’s a place in Toronto called The Burger’s Priest, where their mission is to “redeem the burger one at a time”. I was initially leaning towards a veggie burger, but then I saw the “Vatican City”; instead of a bun, the burger is between two grilled cheese sandwiches…I couldn’t resist! (Their whole “secret” menu can be found here. Soooo good.) But, you can’t eat like that all the time…

So. After the first day back at school I had a craving for something cheesy, but didn’t feel like going into a large-burger-induced-food-coma afterward…cue cheesy quinoa cakes.

I ate quinoa before it was cool. I feel like the superfood (pronounce keen-wah) has enjoyed a surge of popularity within the past decade as more and more people realize how awesome and versatile it is, but my wonderful mama has been serving it up in various ways for as long as I can remember. If you haven’t tried quinoa before, you really should. It boasts some crazy nutritional value and is a snap to make. If you have tried quinoa before, I’m glad! Either way, you should make these as soon as possible…

Cheesy Quinoa Cakes served with Garlic and Lemon Aioli and Sauteed Collard Greens

Make them now!